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TrustPower licenses GL Wand from Excel4apps

3 September 2010
Excel4apps announced that TrustPower, an  organization based in New Zealand, has selected GL Wand to complement its Oracle Financial reporting toolset.  Established in 1925, TrustPower has grown to be New Zealand's fourth largest electricity retailer, and fifth largest electricity generator. TrustPower owns 36 small to medium-sized Hydro Generating Stations and a large Wind Farm in New Zealand, with a further Wind Farm recently completed in South Australia. TrustPower produces electricity exclusively from renewable sources with power stations producing enough electricity for around 220,000 Kiwi households. For more information about TrustPower, please visit www.trustpower.co.nz.
  • "We saved about 50 hrs. a month on intercompany reconciliations thanks to faster data compilation using GL Wand"

    Michelle Wallace, Arbonne International, LLC

  • "It’s great to work with a group so committed to providing not only a great product but stellar service as well."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • "GL Wand is a fabulous tool, we love it."   

    Donna Holley, Spectranetics

  • "This has to be the quickest ROI we've had on any software investment."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • “GL Wand has been a big hit with Cairn’s Finance team."

    Chris Hebden, Cairn Energy PLC

  • "It took less than two hours to train report users. The time savings for everyone is incredible."

    Francis Nocom, Applications Manager, Cochlear

  • “GL Wand has proven extremely valuable in accessing our Oracle data with Excel."

    Michael Hinck, Finance Systems Project Manager, HBO

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users the freedom to think outside the box and be more innovative with performance metrics."

    Martin Stanton, Chief Information Officer, Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users a very flexible tool."

    Paul Simpson, Lancashire County Council