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Engro Licenses GL Wand

23 September 2016
Excel4apps is pleased to welcome new customer Engro, implementing GL Wand for SAP to extend financial reporting. 

About Engro
Engro's portfolio consists of a varied business portfolio, which include fertilizers, foods, chemical storage & handling, trading, energy and petrochemicals. Fueled by the vision of becoming the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders, Engro's investments in agriculture, foods, energy and chemicals are all designed to deploy inclusive business models to pursue an integrated and inclusive growth for all who interact with their businesses. Integrated in the agricultural sector and reaching out to over 1.5 million farmers, Engro provides PKR 77 billion of farm inputs and procures PKR 19 billion of farm produce, converting it to consumer food products which provide convenience, hygiene and nutrition to over 12 million consumers each day, every day.

For more information, please visit www.engro.com.
  • "We saved about 50 hrs. a month on intercompany reconciliations thanks to faster data compilation using GL Wand"

    Michelle Wallace, Arbonne International, LLC

  • "It’s great to work with a group so committed to providing not only a great product but stellar service as well."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • "GL Wand is a fabulous tool, we love it."   

    Donna Holley, Spectranetics

  • "This has to be the quickest ROI we've had on any software investment."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • “GL Wand has been a big hit with Cairn’s Finance team."

    Chris Hebden, Cairn Energy PLC

  • "It took less than two hours to train report users. The time savings for everyone is incredible."

    Francis Nocom, Applications Manager, Cochlear

  • “GL Wand has proven extremely valuable in accessing our Oracle data with Excel."

    Michael Hinck, Finance Systems Project Manager, HBO

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users the freedom to think outside the box and be more innovative with performance metrics."

    Martin Stanton, Chief Information Officer, Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users a very flexible tool."

    Paul Simpson, Lancashire County Council