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Solutions for SAP

Real-time, Excel-based Solutions for ECC6 and S/4HANA - Report, Analyze, Plan and Post with the Ease of Excel

Excel4apps solutions provide superior real-time Excel integration with SAP to enable process improvement in reporting and analysis, budget planning and forecasting, and uploading and posting. Products are available for free trial, installing in minutes with no data warehouse and no additional hardware, setup, or security configuration needed.

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Our Solutions

GL Wand for SAP

GL Wand: Real-Time FICO Reporting in Excel

GL Wand is an add-in to Excel that delivers real-time FICO data directly in Excel. Preconfigured against specific FICO Objects, new GL Wand functions allow users to easily create, modify and publish Excel reports without the assistance of IT. These reports are live and refreshable for quick and easy analysis. GL Wand also gives users drill down to Line Items and Documents from Excel, out of the box.

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Reports Wand for SAP

Reports Wand: Real-Time Reporting Beyond FICO in Excel

Reports Wand enables users to run their familiar SAP T-Code reports as well as any authorized SAP Queries (SQ01) directly from Excel. This eliminates processes that include manually extracting or reformatting data. With access to all SAP modules, Reports Wand extends real-time reporting to SD, MM, PP, PS and more. These reports are refreshable and preserve user-specific layouts and formatting, improving efficiency and increasing capability for analysis.

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Planning Wand for SAP

Planning Wand: Real-Time Planning and Posting in Excel

Planning Wand allows business users to securely validate and upload Budget Planning and Forecasting data from Excel to SAP. It eliminates the manual keying of Plan information into SAP and the need for a custom loader built by IT. Now automate existing manual Excel models without the cost and complexity of external solutions. Planning Wand supports Cost Planning, New GL Planning, Activity Planning, SKF Planning and PCA Planning and, when used with GL Wand, can even refresh Actual and Plan data for easy variance analysis.

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GLSU: Excel-based Uploader for SAP Financial Data

GLSU by Z Option is the market-leading solution for automating the posting of SAP financial data from Excel into SAP. From simple Journal Entries to COPA entries and allocations over 1,000 lines long, GLSU allows business users to easily validate, park, and post directly from Excel. GLSU improves Journal Entry processes with template creation in seconds; master data lookups and pick lists in Excel; and extensive pre-validation and sophisticated error handling.

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Our Big Ideas

Users need data in Excel. This provides users the flexibility to format data further for presentation, perform complete, advanced analysis, share and collaborate with other departments, and share with other external parties. An Excel front-end approach reduces errors, improves productivity and creates an environment to easily provide the right info to the right people in the right format.

The Power of Excel

The Power of Excel

Our solutions provide a seamless integration between Excel and SAP. Users can start and end in Excel, with no need to export from other tools. By using Excel as a front end to real-time SAP data users experience live refreshes and can drill down to the line item or document. All Excel functionality can be leveraged such as charts, pivot tables or conditional formatting and make end users more self-sufficient with less reliance on IT for editing reports.

Empower End Users

Empower End Users

With an Excel front end, productivity is immediately boosted by providing access to real-time data, in the correct format, in a tool that users already know how to use. The new Excel ribbon, wizard-driven report builders, and minimal training shorten the report development lifecycle and enables users to write their own reports and ad hoc queries. Users can style their own reports in Excel and spend less time preparing data and more time analyzing it.

Little IT Support Needed

Little IT Support Needed

It’s easy to get started. Excel4apps Wands download in minutes and can be installed in less than an hour, no consultants required. There is no additional hardware or data warehouse needed and solutions reuse the existing infrastructure making these two critical applications, Excel and SAP, work better together. Our tools can complement your existing Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence strategy.

Oracle Validated Integration Certified

Secure, Certified, and Proven

Our solutions have SAP Certified Integration with SAP Applications including those on SAP HANA® and leverage your existing SAP security by allowing you to log in directly with your SAP username and password. Tens of thousands of users in 62 countries are leveraging them to accelerate their processes so they can spend more time analyzing the data instead of organizing it.

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  • "We saved about 50 hrs. a month on intercompany reconciliations thanks to faster data compilation using GL Wand"

    Michelle Wallace, Arbonne International, LLC

  • "It’s great to work with a group so committed to providing not only a great product but stellar service as well."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • "GL Wand is a fabulous tool, we love it."   

    Donna Holley, Spectranetics

  • "This has to be the quickest ROI we've had on any software investment."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • “GL Wand has been a big hit with Cairn’s Finance team."

    Chris Hebden, Cairn Energy PLC

  • "It took less than two hours to train report users. The time savings for everyone is incredible."

    Francis Nocom, Applications Manager, Cochlear

  • “GL Wand has proven extremely valuable in accessing our Oracle data with Excel."

    Michael Hinck, Finance Systems Project Manager, HBO

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users the freedom to think outside the box and be more innovative with performance metrics."

    Martin Stanton, Chief Information Officer, Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users a very flexible tool."

    Paul Simpson, Lancashire County Council

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