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GL Wand for SAP

Enabling efficient and secure financial reporting, shorter month ends, and faster refreshes with ad-hoc inquiry and drill downs for your organization.

GL Wand for SAP is an Excel add-in for ECC6 and S/4HANA that delivers real-time FICO data directly to Excel. GL Wand enables FI and CO business users to create and modify their own real-time Excel reports using just Excel skills. GL Wand eliminates repeated manual data extract, export, re-key and re-formatting processes to make Excel reports live, refreshable windows to the latest SAP financial data.

GL Wand is commonly used to improve processes such as Cost Center reporting and analysis; Financial Reporting; Operational Reporting and Analysis; Ad-hoc Reporting; Statutory Reporting; Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting; Reconciliations, Cost Allocations; and Excel-based dynamic dashboards.

GL Wand for SAP Benefits

  • Highly flexible reports with all the formatting and calculation power of Excel
  • Formula-based data with complete freeform layout capability in Excel
  • Easy to install and use - up and running in hours
  • Minimal IT support
  • Superior usability compared to Analysis for Office
  • Live drilldown to Line Items, Documents and Attachments from Excel with no programming
  • Modify reports and combine different balance types with just Excel skills
  • Dynamic balances from S/4HANA Universal Journal (ACDOCA table) including GL Account, Cost Center, Profit Center, SKF, Activity Type, Orders, Projects and many more

Watch a Demo of GL Wand for SAP

Watch a Demo of GL Wand for SAP

  • GL Wand (SAP) 3.57 Full Demo

    A full SAP GL Wand 3.57 & Reports Distribution Manager (RDM) Demo. Showing users how to logon, create new templates, refresh balances, drill to detail, distribute reports etc.

  • GL Wand (SAP) 3.46 Short Demo

    A short demo of GL Wand 3.46 Excel reporting tool for SAP. See real-time reporting from SAP using an easy to use Excel ribbon interface . This demo shows the logon to SAP, creating a dynamic report, fetching FICO object descriptions, fetching FICO balances, drilling to line items and drilling to documents and editing drill layouts.

  • Reports Distribution Manager (RDM) for SAP Tutorial

    The RDM "Report Distribution Manager" (SAP) is an Excel 2007 (or later) add-in that works in conjunction with the Excel4apps Wand (SAP) products. RDM is a cost plus option. It enables the user to define which reports will be executed and with which parameter values. These reports are then automatically distributed to end users by email or by saving in a folder location. The reports can be in PDF format, with original formulae or in a Snapshot format.

  • Wands (SAP) 3.0 Server Side Transport Import Demo

    A short video demonstrating how easy it is to import the SAP server transport into your own SAP system. See which transport to use, where to copy it to on the SAP server and how to do the import in SAP.

  • Excel4apps Wands for SAP User Guides

    Download a specific version of the user guide.

Product News

  • "We saved about 50 hrs. a month on intercompany reconciliations thanks to faster data compilation using GL Wand"

    Michelle Wallace, Arbonne International, LLC

  • "It’s great to work with a group so committed to providing not only a great product but stellar service as well."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • "GL Wand is a fabulous tool, we love it."   

    Donna Holley, Spectranetics

  • "This has to be the quickest ROI we've had on any software investment."

    J Raffensberger (MBA), Corporate Controller, Glatfelters

  • “GL Wand has been a big hit with Cairn’s Finance team."

    Chris Hebden, Cairn Energy PLC

  • "It took less than two hours to train report users. The time savings for everyone is incredible."

    Francis Nocom, Applications Manager, Cochlear

  • “GL Wand has proven extremely valuable in accessing our Oracle data with Excel."

    Michael Hinck, Finance Systems Project Manager, HBO

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users the freedom to think outside the box and be more innovative with performance metrics."

    Martin Stanton, Chief Information Officer, Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • "GL Wand has given our finance users a very flexible tool."

    Paul Simpson, Lancashire County Council

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